Mobility Medical Bachelor´s Degree

07/11/23: Informative Meeting Erasmus Mobility and Sicue 24/25 in the Faculty of Medicine (room 7) at 14:00.



The Faculty of Medicine promotes all those actions and programmes that allow its students to get to know other cultural and social realities, as a way of contributing to their academic and personal training. These actions include those that allow students to carry out part of their studies at other universities. In addition, the Faculty is attentive to all those initiatives that increase the presence of our centre internationally, such as agreements for student and lecturer stays.








Datos de interés


Vice-Dean for International Relations, Internships and Teaching Staff
  Prof. D. Gonzalo Alba Jiménez - (+34) 954 55 98 58/22.
Faculty Administration Staff in charge of National and International Mobility Management
  Mr. Pablo Borrallo. - (+34) 954 55 98 29. 
International center University of Seville
 Outgoing Erasmus - (Elena Martín).
 Incoming Erasmus - (Carlos Ordoño).

IMPORTANT: For any consultation at the Secretariat of the Faculty of Medicine it is NECESSARY to have a PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT.