Teaching innovation

Simulated Hospital

The Simulated Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine located on the second floor of the Teaching Pavilion has an area of approximately 400 m2. It has seven consultation rooms with an examination table, a writing desk, and chairs. One dedicated to pediatrics, another to gynecology, and another to ophthalmological and otorhinolaryngological examinations, all equipped with specific material and four multipurpose consultations. A conventional hospitalization room and two complex simulation rooms, one of them with an adjoining room separated by a spy mirror for debriefing. These rooms have simulators of different levels of complexity to carry out both practical skills training and complex scenarios. Finally, there are two classrooms for 'briefing' and seminars. All spaces have digital and multimedia equipment that allows great operability, efficiency, and versatility. In addition, the Anatomical Institute has a classroom for ultrasound diagnostic practices and another room for suturing practices.

Map of the simulated hospital.

Educational Innovation Projects carried out

- Title: “Recursos digitales para un hospital simulado”.

Performed September 1st,  2022 - July 31st 2023.

4 plan propio docencia

- Title: “La evaluación clínica objetiva y estructurada como herramienta complementaria en asignaturas del grado de Medicina”.

Performed September 1st,  2021 - July 31st 2022.

3 plan propio docencia


Vicedean of teaching innovation

 Prof. D. Enrique Calderón Sandubete - ecalderon@us.es