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Orientation and tutorial action plan (POAT)

Career guidance and employability in Biomedicine

Mentoring Actions

Sevillian Association of Health Science Students (ASECS)3

Delegation of students from the Faculty of Medicine of Seville. Dafmus

Scholarships and Grants

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Visiting students

Internships in companies

The internship modality is regulated by specific regulations of the University of Seville, specifically by the Internship Service. The Faculty of Medicine has promoted several agreements for this type of activity. The current syllabus provides for students to obtain up to a maximum of 6 optional credits in this way. The University of Seville's Internship Service also provides academic and professional guidance.
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Support Group for Students with Disabilities and Medical Problems

If you suffer from any disability, physical condition or specific learning difficulty, the Support Group for Students with Disabilities and Medical Problems of the Faculty of Medicine is particularly interested in making you feel well, as its name suggests, supported during your studies in the Faculty, both academically and in terms of any specific needs you may require. This group is made up of representatives of the teaching staff, students in general and students with disabilities. It meets when it is appropriate to deal with issues concerning disability in order to find solutions, within the existing possibilities, to the problems that you may encounter. How can you make an appointment with the right person to advise you on the means of support available to you, to guide you, to be able to consult them, etc.?


 Prof Encarnación Bernal. - 954556600

Do you need help in person at the Secretariat? Mª del Carmen. - 954559826
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Vice-Dean for Students and Volunteering

 Prof. María del Carmen Garnacho Montero - - 954 521031