Welcome by the Dean

3D. Luis Cristóbal Capitán Morales
D. Luis Cristóbal Capitán Morales

As Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Seville and on behalf of the entire community of the Centre, I would like to greet and welcome all those who wish to get to know us through this website. In 1502, the Catholic Monarchs granted a Royal Decree to the City Council of Seville by which they granted it a licence to found a General Study with chairs in which to read Theology, Canons, Law and Medicine and other liberal arts. A reform of university teaching abolished the teaching of medicine in 1843. The city, its institutions and its University took initiatives to recover these studies, which began with the creation of the Free School of Medicine in 1868. On 21 May 1917, the decree restoring the teaching of medicine in Seville was published.

Today, the original degree course is found together with two others within the framework of the Faculty: Basic and Experimental Biomedicine and the Master's Degree in Clinical and Experimental Medical Research.

Our Faculty is attended by students of whom we can be extraordinarily proud. Year after year, students with unbeatable CVs fill our classrooms and the employability rates of our graduates are very high. Our lecturers and researchers enjoy high prestige in the various rankings of teaching, research and technology transfer. The administration and services staff is an essential sector in our Centre that supports all the activity of the Faculty.

I invite you to browse our website and get to know the wide range of value that our studies contribute to the University of Seville.




Luis C. Capitán Morales